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Domestic production ‘stable’ amid lull amongst global supply chains, says agri expert

Joey Aguilar

Monday، 03 January 2022 09:13 PM

Qatar’s domestic agricultural production has remained stable amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global logistics and supply chains, an expert has told Gulf Times.
Nasser Ahmed al-Khalaf, also the managing director of Agrico, said this resiliency of Qatar’s local agri production is one of the milestones the country’s agricultural sector has achieved at the height of the global health crisis and in 2021.
“The local production has shown its stability in production although the international supply chain and logistics industry was paralysed during the Covid-19 pandemic,” al-Khalfa stressed.
Asked to provide an outlook for Qatar's agricultural sector in relation to the increasing demand for fresh produce and the country’s food security strategy, al-Khalaf underscored the role of government legislation to curb delays in production.
“I believe if we do not start quickly and issue complete agricultural legislations to support the farmers in production and sales, we would see a drop in production of local fruits and vegetables,” he noted.
According to al-Khalaf, in the pipeline are several major agricultural projects and initiatives by Agrico, as well as upcoming projects this year.
“We will see early this year Agrico’s first shrimp production in the market, which will supply 30% of the market demand,” he said.
Agrico, a private Qatari agricultural development company established in 2011 aimed at helping the country achieve food security, is also exporting its hydroponics farming technology in the region.
A 1mn sqm hydroponic farm currently being developed in Oman is expected to start operating this year, according to al-Khalaf. Agrico will also be in charge of the farm’s operation and marketing.

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