ICC Advanced Toastmasters Club conducts session on belief cycle

Friday، 08 January 2021 11:39 PM

To empower people to take the reins of their life in their own hands, ICC Advanced Toastmasters Club’s Ignite Possibility programme recently saw its 6th segment with a lecture by Sukhdeepak Malvai, renowned transformational trainer and coach.
Sukhdeepak Malvai has over 30 years of international experience. He is an access consciousness facilitator, certified mediator, semantic transformational processor, Reiki Grandmaster and pranic healer. He conducts programmes to increase SQ (Spiritual Quotient) and intuition.
Malvai divulged his personal experiences of self-sabotaging beliefs. How some beliefs got planted in his mind and how they affected his life in the long term. He also unfolded the watershed moment of his life and his own transformed fulfilling life. 
During his inspiring talk, Malvai also elaborated about the belief cycle. He also threw light on how beliefs become the self-fulfilling prophecies.
Malvai ensured that the whole session was interactive. Further, he elaborated transparent beliefs and called for a volunteer to demonstrate how to discover transparent belief. 
A guest Nazeer Gazaq logged in from Dhahran and took the challenge and volunteered for the exercise. It was quite an educational exercise.
A question and answer session followed and Malvai elaborately answered all the questions and shared his wisdom with the audience. Participants from US, Canada, Gulf region and India attended the online session.
Alarmel Mangai was the event convener while Nalini Mathur was the Q&A co-ordinator. The meeting was presided over by club president Christopher Almeida.

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