Starting off 2021 with the right sentiment

By Shefa Ali

Thursday، 07 January 2021 12:04 AM

The first week into 2021 and something many have been waiting for became a reality. After three years, diplomatic relations were restored between Qatar and four Arab states that imposed an embargo against us.
The blockade was more than a political dispute it had such a huge impact on families and individuals who had to suffer three years of separation and lots of tension over social media.
Over the last few years there has been such a sense of betrayal and of course betrayal leads to mistrust, but the hug we witness on the tarmac reminded me that forgiveness is always an option, at if countries can forgive on a political level, we can too.
I love that our region started 2021 with the sentiment of forgiveness, it leads me to ask you the question, is there anything that you need to let go of before we continue the year. If you take any sense of anger, toxicity, sense of betrayal, fear and lovelessness then our 2021 experience will not be much different than 2020.
It’s a time to be radically honest with yourself, any thing you need to leave at the door, now is your chance. You don’t want to hold on to any bitterness, victimisation or self pity that will make you someone who doesn’t attract miracles, you want to be a vessel or a container for which things begin again and miracles happen. Take the lessons from whatever happened, and think about who you have to be going forward and development faith that reassures you no matter what anyone did, love will always regenerate itself.
2021 maybe intense its not like all the craziness is over, we have no idea how Covid will play out, its unreasonable to assume that everything is OK now, but if we hold on to our faith and walk in the world with loving hearts, come what may, no matter what we will be OK.

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