DoM Qatar 2022 announced

Thursday، 25 November 2021 10:06 PM

The Diaspora of Malappuram is set to launch DoM Qatar 2022, a year-long project to support the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 countdown.
The programme, to be launched in the last week of December, will feature multiple sports activities in Qatar and India.
On the opening day, a 64-team football shootout tournament and a cultural show are to be held.
An extensive exhibition on Qatar's cultural history, including the host country's stadiums is planned in Kerala.
The organisers have also decided to hold a Sevens Football League, an inter-school football tournament in Qatar and a quiz for sports fans from all over the world. They also plan to host more than 500 football fans as part of the "Host a Fan" project.
Officials said a detailed project plan has been sent to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and Indian Sports Centre (ISC).
DoM Qatar president V C Mashhood made the announcement of the Kickoff 2022 at ICC.
Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) managing committee member Aneesh George inaugurated the event.
ISC president Dr Mohan Thomas assured full support for the campaign. DoM Qatar general secretary Abdul Asees Chevidikkunnan presented the project.
Chief co-ordinators Usman Kallan, ladies wing general convener Soumya Pradeep, chairperson Razia Usman, ICC's former president Milan Arun, community members Dr Shefiq Thappi Mambad, Ashraf Chirakkal, Basheer Kuniyil, Mohamed Shafi, Rafeeq Karat, Nistar, Dr Seibu George, Dr Kathaki Manoor, Ahmed Niaz, Koya Kondotty and Reena Philip addressed the gathering.
Vice president Abdul Rashid PP presided, Keshavdas Nilambur welcomed and Ratheesh Kakkov proposed a vote of thanks.

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