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So glad I took the night flight

By Shefa Ali

Thursday، 14 October 2021 01:47 PM

Unexpectedly, I had to travel to London for a few days, I took a night flight which I never usually do, but I’m so glad I did, because I landed to the most beautiful sunrise, Heathrow was so quiet, it was surreal like the world had stood still for a few moments.

In the car on the way home, I just couldn’t stop looking around, it was a perfect Autumn London day. It reminded me that autumn shows us how to embrace change in majestic splendor. It reminds us to accept and flow with the change. Just like the falling leaves we have to let go in order to move forward, grow and heal. Periods of transition and change are often fraught with pain and crisis. Mindset is everything – if you can surrender to that change, trust the process, believe that everything is working with you and that everything is happening for a reason then you can honor your discomfort and accept change gracefully. You can also sit in the knowledge that when the time is right you too will spring back to life and bloom again.

The four seasons are great metaphors on the process of healing, when life throws us into chaos we tumble into the change and transition of Autumn. When we are wounded and hurt we retreat in the darkness of winter then there comes a time, just like spring when we slowly start to re-emerge before the time comes when we finally lift our heads towards the sun and emerge once again in the sunshine and joy of summer.

Whichever season you are in, try to surrender and flow with it. Trust that there is a process to healing. Healing is not linear it has ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Hindsight will give you many answers and that one day you will be able to back at a difficult time in life with insight. Often our darkest hours are the reason we shine so brightly.

Autumn is a beautiful time and yet most of us go about our lives too busy and distracted to notice. Let this magical season as a reminder to live more mindfully, slow down and notice beauty in the details. Pay attention to the colours of the sky, the falling leaves, the sound of the crunchy leaves under your feet and sound of the birds. Wherever you live to make it a habit to notice the changes taking place in the natural world around you.

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