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MESIS holds Covid-19 protocol session

Friday، 08 October 2021 08:21 PM

In the interest of all staff at MES Indian School (MESIS), Abu Hamour Branch, a virtual session was held to guide the teaching as well as the non-teaching staff about the preventive and precautionary measures to be followed in the campus to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Organised by the welfare department of the school, the session began with an introduction by school nurses Jincy Wilson, Praseela K Augustine and Shiju Sebastian.
The session detailed the school staff to continue observing the public health guidelines outlined by Qatar, the instructions for Covid-19 suspect reporting procedure, collecting fitness certificate from the hospital and following the precautions such as washing hands for 20 seconds, sanitising hands for 10 seconds, practicing social distancing, maintaining bubble groups in classrooms to reduce any risk of contamination and the face mask to cover the nose and chin.
Head nurse Praseela emphasised that all staff must show the Ehteraz ‘Green’ status for entry in the premises and to strictly abide by the policy of “Stay at home if unwell”. She gave staff members the guidelines on sending students with Covid-19 symptoms to the isolation room in the campus and keeping all classrooms properly ventilated. Students suspected of having Covid-19 will be isolated in a separate room and the family notified.
The session ended with a question and answer session between the staff and the nurses. MESIS reopened recently implementing all preventive and precautionary measures such as daily campus disinfection, thermal screening at the entrance and through the installation of sanitiser dispensers at various points across the campus.

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