TKQ marks World Environment Day

Thursday، 10 June 2021 08:50 PM

Tulukoota Qatar (TKQ) celebrated World Environment Day with the theme ‘Joy of Giving’. In week-long activities, TKQ held over 60 meetings and distributed various saplings. TKQ also gave away saplings to 75 green warriors, named Bhageera. The organisation further distributed plants among its members. On the last day of the week, TKQ organised a tree plantation drive at Qatar Finland International School. The drive was attended by president of Indian Community Benevolent Forum and presidents of all Karnataka-based organisations. Following the drive, TKQ conducted an interactive session with Blany D’Souza, urban landscaper from India. He spoke on terrace gardening and shared useful tips for gardening in restricted places available in homes and under extreme weather conditions. TKQ’s environmental campaign will not be restricted to just one week this year. The organisation announced that if the Bhageeras took care of their plants for the next three months, TKQ will distribute more plants.    

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