Media and Research Awards highlight NU-Q students work

Friday، 02 April 2021 06:41 PM

Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) has announced the 2021 Media and Research Awards, recognising nearly 100 projects representing NU-Q students’ scholarly and journalistic excellence over the past two years.

This year’s finalists, which include submissions from the academic years 2019-20 and 2020-21, featured journalistic, multimedia, and research projects tackling pressing global issues, ranging from a film on a Yemeni refugee who found love in South Korea to news articles on racism in the Arab World and social distancing, to research projects on digital diplomacy, education in Palestine, and the politics of climate change.

In past years, projects that have been recognised in the award ceremony have received recognition globally. “From a nomination for a Student Academy Award – a rare honour for an undergraduate – to films being broadcast over Al Jazeera and honoured at film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Northwestern Qatar students – and alumni – are telling their stories to the world,” said Marwan M Kraidy, Dean and CEO of Northwestern Qatar.

He went on to say that while he expects this year’s winners to also receive wide recognition, the work done by Northwestern Qatar students is “more than the awards and recognition they may receive. It is also a signal – a signal to the world – of the immense talent, imagination, and intelligence that is present here in our students at Northwestern University in Qatar.”

Due to the global pandemic, last year’s awards ceremony was postponed, and the winners were announced along with this year’s winners. There were nearly 100 submissions in three main categories — Written Word, Moving Image, and Co-curricular Projects — from the last two academic years.

At the ceremony announcing the winners, Hamad Alfayhani, president of NU-Q’s Student Union, complimented the students on the work they produced during a global pandemic. “In times when our ability to create has been constrained by circumstances outside our control, we found the resilience within our community to push forward and accomplish our joint vision,” he said. “This year forced us all into a continuous period of self-reflection – having those moments is what we all needed to find our way back to doing what we truly love to do.”

Shortlisted projects for this year’s awards were submitted and evaluated by a panel of judges, which included Northwestern Qatar faculty and industry experts from leading media organisations, including Al Jazeera, Doha Film Institute, Ginger Camel, The Film House, I Love Qatar, Gulf Times, Memac Ogilvy, Al Kass Sports Channels.

Here are the winners for 2020 and 2021:

2020 Research and Media Awards: Written Word – Creative Writing: A Ramadan Night by Al Anood Al Aqeedi. Journalistic Writing: The Orientalist Coverage of the Qatar World Cup by Inaara Gangji. Strategic Communication: Save Your Smile Oral Health Campaign by Dana Abu Shanab, Hadice Koç, Rumeysa Koç, and Tamadur Al-Mannai. Research And Analysis – Humanities: The Ancient Practice of Sati by Roja Pande. Research And Analysis – Social Science: Digital Diplomacy During the First 100 Days by Tarfa Al Mansouri, Haya Al Mohannadi, and Mariam Feroun.

Moving Image – Documentary: Burhan by Salwa Sadek. Narrative Fiction: Saudade Dalal Garai and Ahmed Jassim. News: Prison, Death or Unsafe Abortion? by Hazar Kilani.

Co-curricular Projects – Published News: More Than Just The Cancer by Salwa Sadek. Funded Moving Image: In the Middle by Mariam Al-Dhubhani, Mohammed Al Jaberi, and Noor Abunabaa.

2021 Media and Research Awards

Written Word – Creative Writing: Work in Progress by Kayan Khraisheh. Journalistic Writing: Covid-19 Causing a New Wave of Plastic Pollution by Maha Al-Kuwari. Strategic Communication: Changed Digital Marketing Strategy by Inaara Gangji, Khadija Islow, and Farina Amir. Research And Analysis – Humanities: The Impact of WikiLeaks on Journalism by Safae Daoudi. Research And Analysis – Social Science: The Politics of Climate Change by Natasha Das.

Moving Image – Documentary: Karim the Dream by Karim Emara. Narrative Fiction: Of Things That Shouldn't Be by Princess Collado and Mohammed al-Khulaifi. News: Key Frames by Yanet Chernet, Farah Gomaa, Rahma El Deeb, Danna Takriti, Salma Al Delaimi and Inaara Gangji.

Co-curricular Projects – Published News: Not So Daily Show by Farah Gomaa, Karim Emara, Lojaina Gomaa, Rea Mishra, and Farouk Essalhi. Funded Moving Image: Home to Home: How a Yemeni Refugee Found Love in South Korea by Juyoung Choi and Mohammad Saad Ejaz.


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