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QIIB holds ‘mock evacuation’ at its HQ

Thursday، 14 January 2021 12:39 AM

In line with QIIB’s plans to respond to emergency situations and incidents and the security and safety standards adopted by Qatar, the bank recently conducted a mock evacuation drill at its headquarters in Grand Hamad Street. 
As part of the mock drill, a virtual scenario of a contingency incident involving a fire outbreak was created, in the presence of the Civil Defence who witnessed the mock evacuation drill.
During the mock drill, all arrangements and measures that are required to be taken in the event of a fire outbreak, were carried out, from setting off the sirens to evacuation of all employees and customers present in all of the building’s offices and other facilities, in accordance with the prescribed safety and security procedures carried out by a highly trained emergency supervisory team. 
QIIB’s emergency supervisory team performed various assigned roles in case of a real fire or incident, which involved an organised evacuation, by directing all people present at the building to the emergency exit points. 
The team ensured that people were not using the elevators by stopping all elevators once fire alarms went off, and directed all personnel and customers to the designated assembly points and ensured full evacuation of the building. 
In addition to the mock evacuation drill, another major task was undertaken this time, which was to maintain social distancing during the evacuation and assembly processes. This was in response to the precautionary instructions and directives related to Covid-19, issued by authorities concerned in Qatar.
On QIIB’s mock evacuation drill, Ibrahim Abdulla al-Tamimi, director (Administrative Affairs) said, “First, we would like to thank both the Civil Defence for participating and supervising this experiment, which aims to increase our readiness to any emergency, if it occurs- God forbid”.
He said, “Through the mock evacuation, full awareness and understanding of the risks related to emergencies could be realised. This came as a result of continuous training and familiarising personnel on a regular basis with contingency plans and how to act in case of emergencies, and to co-operate with different departments to develop the knowledge needed in all the procedures that should be followed in emergency cases”.
Al Tamimi stressed, “QIIB is keen to provide safety and security equipment in all its buildings and locations in accordance with the standards approved by the Civil Defence to respond to emergencies. A follow-up verification of all the safety and security equipment will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure their proper functioning in case of any incident”.

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