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The last stretch to freedom

By Shefa Ali

Thursday، 15 October 2020 01:16 AM

Today is my seventh day of home quarantine after returning from London last week, yesterday I went for my follow up Covid test and I am eagerly awaiting my Ehteraz app to turn green, but in all honesty I am in no rush to go anywhere. 
I have really had no problem with the week long confinement, staying at home for the last 7 days gave me time to work with my clients online, cook, clean and have some alone time after a busy summer; exactly what my mind and body needed. 
For the most part the week has gone quite quickly, like I said in my column, sticking to a routine through all phases and seasons of life is like an anchor that stabilises you.  
 If you find yourself having to quarantine or self-isolate, self-discipline is an important habit to cultivate during this period and for life in general. Staying at home the whole day can make you feel like napping and eating more than usual. Snacking unnecessarily will only make you feel sluggish and napping too much will rob you off several productive things that you could be doing during your day. It is also essential to set a routine for yourself and stick to it. Allot time for naps and use idle time to learn, read, paint, bake, water the plants, exercise or any activity that will get you moving. 
I have found new ways to do many things that I used to pay for to get done and I am getting pretty good at them, cleaning being a big one of them. 
The most essential of all, being in quarantine has reminded me about importance of the freedom we all have. It will make you realise the importance of a healthy body and fills you with a feeling of gratitude towards God, towards our government, towards our doctors and towards everyone who is working day and night for a better and healthy Qatar.

* The author is a consultant and coach. Instagram handle: @miss_shefa,  Website:

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