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Anxiety United

By Shefa Ali

Thursday، 30 July 2020 02:46 AM

Over the last few weeks, nearly every client and friend I have talked to has been suffering with anxiety, it has become such a common theme. Most people experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives and it is easy to feel alone when you live with anxiety. If you are one of them I want to remind you, you are not alone. I feel like it is so important to break down the shame and stigma of all types of mental illness, and give each other tips and resources for managing anxiety in everyday life.
People think that just because I am a life coach and I know all the tools and techniques to live a happy and successful life, it means I am excluded from the challenges of day to day life, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lately I have been faced with some extremely tough situations that have left me somewhat anxious.
When I feel like this, its important to determine my triggers. I talk to my friends that are going through the same thing to remind myself that I am not alone. Maybe you can find a professional (therapist or counsellor) or an online programme that will give you a support group. Do some research into techniques to work with the disorder, rather than against it.
We all have the right to live a happy and healthy life and it’s up to us to take it into our own hands to see that we get there. There are so many people struggling to live with mental illness that are not as self-aware or educated as me and I want to work to change that. Improving your mental health is a unique journey for each of us and treatment should be treated as such.
If we come together we can make this happen. I truly believe that.

* The author is a consultant and coach. Instagram handle: @miss_shefa,  Website:

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