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An agent of positive living

Mudassir Raja

Tuesday، 30 June 2020 12:43 AM

The coronavirus pandemic has been pushing people to learn how to stay positive during uncertain times. Experts have been coming up with novel and new suggestions for people to maintain a positive attitude during these challenging conditions.
A time-tested method of reigning in negativity and inculcating positivity has been to indulge in social welfare work and extend a helping hand to others in the hour of need. This is what Martha Anyait, a Ugandan expatriate has been doing since the outbreak of the pandemic in Qatar.
A flight attendant by profession, Martha is not only an active community worker but also a motivational speaker. She also cherishes her role as an empowerment expert and a life coach. “I am passionate about empowering people using any and all means within my reach such as social events, social media, podcasts, charity activities and more. Motivation reminds us to believe in our inner strengths to achieve our dreams by maintaining a positive self-image and attitude regardless of what we are going through in life.”
When asked how she has been coping with lockdown and spending her time at home, Martha said: “I have been coping up really well because I try to maintain and stay close to my routine. I not only stick to my normal routine; I keep myself active and less likely to spiral. It will be easier to readjust again when it’s time to get back to work.”
The motivational speaker has also started doing something different and special while being at home. “I also decided to do something special during these days. For example, I began learning a new language –Spanish, improving on my cooking and baking skills, maintaining my exercise routine and sleeping routine, reading, online learning and I also spend time recording my motivational videos to keep my social media followers inspired. I also spend time with my friends on zoom— praying, sharing our experiences and encouraging each other during this crisis.”
When asked what would be her piece of advice as a motivational speaker for people on how they can stay positive during these uncertain times, she said: “My message is that everyone will occasionally feel negative thoughts during these uncertain times. Some people will feel like quitting and ignoring everything or even try to escape from the truth but yes you may allow yourself to take a break while hiding from the problem but this is just temporary, learn to face your challenges and train yourself to reflect on your life during this time. Start giving more of yourself to life.
“While we all wonder what is going to happen next and as we face this unique crisis, it is essential to face our own fears and push through them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. So let’s break that shell of fear because it breeds anger, hate, frustration and defeat. Instead gain strength, confidence, and courage. Begin asking yourself how I got through my last horrific experience that means if I got through that, I can get through this too and I can take the next thing that comes along.”
Regarding her social work and welfare activities that she has been taking part in order to support her community in Qatar, Martha said: “As a community advocate, I volunteer as the secretary of the Uganda Community in Qatar (UGACOQ) where I serve the community with dedication and contribute to its growth. I have supported the community in various ways. For example, I am an administrator, a PR person, a champion of women empowerment. I have been organising social events, charity drives including our recent campaign of distributing food items that was given to the Uganda community in Qatar with the help from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social affairs, Qatar Charity and various other stakeholders.
“My life theme is that all people should live to see their God-given abilities fulfilled and this zeal drives my aspirations to be an agent of positive living in a world that is growing bitter day by day.” 
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