Vegan demand higher throughout pandemic

By Ghanim al-Sulaiti

Thursday، 25 June 2020 12:52 AM

The demand for plant-based foods has surged amidst the most unstable time in 100 years: a pandemic. Vegan food has witnessed a prominent spike in demand over the past few months, and it’s due to a variety of different reasons. Firstly, a sudden rise in demand followed the news of severe Covid-19 infections at meat production slaughterhouses around the world. In addition to this, people are looking for more healthy options for their daily dose of protein. Our immune systems need to adapt to be able to fight off Covid-19. The immune system is the body’s multi-level defence network against potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and other organisms. Basically, a healthy lifestyle not only helps an immune system to be in the best shape possible to tackle pathogens, but it also helps stop them entering the body in the first place — and people are realising this, including world leaders. 
Just this week, Canada’s vegan meat industry just got a huge boost. The country just announced a nearly $100 million investment in vegan protein. “As people around the world start eating more plant-based products, we have an opportunity to bring together Canadian innovation and Canadian crops, and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs,” Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada said. The global plant-based meat market is growing. Researchers say it will reach $35.54 billion in 2024. Canada’s plant-based food sector is also booming and has seen a notable shift in recent years.
Investors in the US are this week being encouraged to keep a close eye on strong performing vegan stocks. Beyond Meat – one of the largest providers of plant-based meat alternatives – has expected earnings growth of more than 100% for the next year. A Bloomberg financial market analyst explained that the Covid-19 outbreak has shifted consumer behaviour dramatically, and people shifting from animals to plant-based diets was a ‘prominent part of the shift’ and a ‘direct impact of the pandemic’
Elsewhere this week, a spokesperson for Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK, branded the growth of demand for vegan food products as ‘astounding’ – and said that it is likely to continue. The supermarket giant’s buying manager made the comments while announcing the launch of new vegan meat alternatives in almost 800 stores across the country. 
While there are all kinds of claims online, the fact is the only diet that is genuinely full of vitamins and minerals essential for boosting your immune system is a plant based diet. In fact plant-based diet contains 64-times the amount of immunity-boosting antioxidants compared to a diet that includes meat and dairy. 
A scientific committee compromising of professors from 4 continents have agreed that if a country was to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle, such as a vegan diet, not only would everyone’s front line defence be much stronger — but the population would not need to ‘lockdown’ the next time we have an outbreak such as the current coronavirus outbreak. 

* The author is an expert in vegan wellbeing and health. Instagram handle: @Ghanim92 

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