Inspections ensure food quality, hygiene at Al Khor, Al Thakhira

Tuesday، 13 August 2019 09:38 PM

Inspectors at Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality conducted a number of inspection tours on the first day of Eid holidays, covering the areas which had the highest turnout of people.
The campaign covered catering kitchens, meat shops, and slaughterhouses to ensure that the food on display was safe for consumption and all food suppliers abide by the health regulations. In addition, the inspectors went through the various beaches of the municipality to check for any public hygiene violations and instruct visitors to dispose off garbage only in the containers kept for the purpose.
In the meantime, the veterinarians at the Meat Health Unit checked carcasses of 456 slaughtered sheep, 22 cows and 25 calves and 15 goats at the slaughterhouses. They also destroyed four carcasses for being unfit for consumption. The inspection tours were also conducted at the fish market.

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