Qatar Academy pupils distribute food kits

Thursday، 17 May 2018 12:26 AM

Students of Qatar Academy Doha have distributed Ramadan food baskets to low-income families in co-operation with Qatar Charity’s (QC) executive management of local operations and Friends Cultural Center to meet their food requirements in the holy month.
QC’s director of the executive management of local operations, Ali al-Ghareeb, said the distribution of food before the holy month of Ramadan is an expression of social solidarity in Qatari society.
The official stressed the participation of students in the collection and distribution of food is contributing significantly to the development of positive spirit among students and meeting the food requirements of many families with low income.
Teacher, Roula Aburmsman, in-charge of Ramadan Bags Project at Qatar Academy Doha said this project, started 13 years ago, is one of the significant initiatives to develop a positive spirit among students, and aims to help families with low income, serve community, teach students the importance of social service and charitable and volunteer work, and instil the love of assistance in their hearts.
She added that this year, students managed to collect more than 400 food baskets, each containing a small toy and basic food items such as sugar, flour, rice, cooking oil and dates. The weight of each food basket is about 16kg.
Students expressed their happiness at participating in the collection and distribution of food baskets, considering the project as a noble humanitarian work which will ease the suffering of many families with low income.

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